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Rebels Teams & Coaches

If you need further information, please contact the team coach directly. Some of the teams are still looking for players.

Directors of Coaching

Title Name Phone Number Email
Head Director of Coaching Ryan Marquez (619) 246-5368
Phase I Director (U7-U10) Abel Martinez (619) 252-1484
Phase II Director (U11-U14) Oscar Alva (619) 572-6770
Goalkeeping Director Denis Vargas (619) 602-4919

Girls Teams

Team Coach Phone Number Email
GU07 Linh Pham 619-495-3444
GU08 Gold Mike Diaz 619-890-4134
GU08 Blue Sara Schiff 619-357-1413
GU08 White Kevin Hagen 619-948-7719
GU09 Gold Abel Martinez 619-252-1484
GU09 Blue Elissa Magracia 619-346-5831
GU09 White Martinez/Magracia 619-252-1484
GU10 Gold Gabe Arrendondo 619-300-8131
GU10 Blue Linh Pham 619-495-3444
GU10 White Dennis Vargas 619-602-4919
GU10 Black Hugo Martinez 619-708-4357
GU11 Gold Gabe Arrendondo 619-300-8131
GU11 Blue Abel Martinez 619-252-1484
GU11 White Oscar Flores 619-517-3024
GU12 Gold Roy Lopez 619-867-7935
GU13 Gold Ryan Marquez 619-246-5368
GU13 Blue Joe Hernandez 619-207-9272
GU13 White Fernando Morales 619-565-7799
GU14 Gold Ryan Marquez 619-246-5368
GU14 Blue Mark Davis 619-208-6600
GU14 White Steve Fletcher 619-799-9007
GU14 Black Steve Fletcher 619-799-9007
GU15 Gold Robert Martinez 619-922-2187
GU15 Blue Mark Davis 619-208-6600
GU15 White Ricardo Portillo 619-450-9025
GU16 Gold Steve Fletcher
Steve Sekimoto
GU16 Blue Victor Vargas 619-307-0288
GU17 Gold Erick De La Rocha 619-254-3866

Boys Teams

Team Coach Phone Number Email
BU07 Sergio Hernandez 619-952-9220
BU08 Gold Sergio Hernandez 619-952-9220
BU08 Blue Sergio Hernandez 619-952-9220
BU09 Gold Oscar Flores 619-517-3024
BU09 Blue Jorge Camberos 619-495-0660
BU09 Jorge Vargas 619-273-4184
BU10 Gold Oscar Flores 619-517-3024
BU10 Blue Mike Diaz 619-890-4134
BU10 White Morgan Webster 949-566-3976
BU11 Gold Mike Friesen 619-200-5778
BU11 Blue Sergio Hicks 619-944-7144
BU11 White Morgan Webster 949-566-3976
BU12 Gold Sergio Hernandez 619-952-9220
BU12 Blue Mario Arellano 619 829-1366
BU13 Gold Luis Avalos 619-948-9069
BU13 Blue Sergio Hicks 619-944-7144
BU13 White Sergio Hicks 619-944-7144
BU14 Gold Marvin Reyes 619-306-2529
BU15 Gold Fernando Morales 619-565-7799
BU15 Blue Gio Medina 619-674-4168
BU16 Gold Mario Arellano 619-829-1366
BU17 Gold Brian Lewis 619-726-7530
BU17 Blue Manuel Lozano 619-204-9092
BU17 White Ricardo Portilla 619-450-9025